Thursday, 29 September 2016

The EA weeks

For the past fortnight, we have been doing the module that the other spent two days completing - the dreaded Enterprise Architecture. I've learned a lot, mainly that I shouldn't smile, nod or make any eye contact with people while interviewing as it is very distracting, according to one of the trainers. It's interesting advice.

Last week we were moved to the Lowry, which was great for lunch since we were two minutes away from the Outlet food court. There was also a lady who came round twice a day with coffee and lots of fancy varieties of tea, and a selection of posh biscuits, which caused quite a few biscuit fights as everyone tried to get the chocolate ones. On the Monday we were introduced to our client, NBGardens, a very real and serious gnome based company in need of some consulting. Between us, Kimberley and I picked a top notch team to join us in this challenge, and PEA Consulting was born. Because Kim really really loves peas, you see. Then, we promptly farmed off actually being in charge to George, making him our project manager. And that is what we have been doing for two weeks. 

Friday saw the bittersweet moment that I finally vacated my beloved hotel room to move into an apartment down in MediaCity. In the three weeks that I called it home I made many hotel friends, and tried every meal on the menu for dinner. I found out that I would be alone in the flat for a week before my flatmate moves in, but any worry about being lonely was quickly resolved as George immediately decided that he would stay with me in the meantime instead of in his flat out in Salford. It has been lovely having him, making a mess everywhere and demanding I make him coffees. He also leaves the seat up.

Tonight is supposed to be welcome drinks down in the Dockyard, the bar on the ground floor of the building I now live in, but we also have an exam and presentations tomorrow so I'm not sure we'll be able to enjoy it much with that hanging over our heads. Bad timing. Last Monday a group of us (the 'PEA Squad' as some call us) went to a bingo rave. It was great. Julian won £100, but we missed out on the big jackpot of £600. Next time though.

I also got an update on that job that I was supposed to start on Monday in the Home Office in London. On Friday, I asked Gareth 'Is that still happening?' and he said 'Yes'. So there you go. 

Until next time, all zero of my followers.

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